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AIM offers three network support plans and one maintenance plan to meet your needs. Customized plans are also available.


l.    Evaluate and analyze Network  

Yes  Yes  Yes 
2.   Standardize File Servers Yes Yes Yes
3.Standardize                Workstations   Yes Yes Yes
4.   Setup "Disaster Recover Plan" Yes Yes Yes
5.   Clean and Test Tape Drives and Tapes Yes Yes Yes
6.   Daily Backup and Recovery No Yes Yes
7.   Backup copies of Software No Yes Yes
8.  Primary Period of Response 24/7 24/7 24/7
9.  Failed File Server Operational Time 24 hours 12 hours 4 hours
10. User, Printer, and Operating System Administration Yes Yes Yes
11. Upgrades and New Equipment Installation No No No
12. Free Upgrade and Planning Information Yes Yes Yes
13. Data disaster and recovery Yes Yes Yes
14. Troubleshoot network issues Yes Yes Yes
15. Setup, configure and network computers Yes Yes Yes
16. Consult on hardware and software purchases Yes Yes Yes
17. Status Report Yes Yes Yes
18. Pricing $75/hour $100/hour $125/hour

Please read, sign and fax our service agreement to 301-251-2309.  Please feel to call us at 301-251-2308 or 301-537-0600 if you have any questions.

If you prefer not to send your credit card number over our secure server above:
Place an order with us by printing our order form and faxing it to us at: 1-301-251-2309 or mail it to us at our address on the form.


Monthly Preventative Maintenance for Network - $1000 per month

–Includes 10 hour of on-site time each month during which we run a series of  Network utilities on the file server and the wiring plant.
–Includes a written report detailing findings of the utilities and recommendations for resolving any identified network problems.





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