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Networking Solutions:

In addition to our complete web hosting and electronic commerce solution, AIM offers a full range of consulting services from system development and network support to client training. AIM has consultants to address all our your IT challenges.

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting:
There are numerous reasons why computers have problems.  Our staff will diagnose the following computer challenges, such as:

  • Your computers are running too slow
  • One or several of your computers stopped working
  • The printer(s) won't print
  • The computer "freezes" for no apparent reason
  • One or several of your computers will not talk to the network

Hardware Installation:
Hardware installation includes unpacking, assembling, testing, and interconnecting of all equipment. Software installation consists of installing the software on the appropriate computer and setting it up for the hardware configuration of that computer.

Operating System Installation, Upgrades and Support:
We will work with you in solving all of the various problems that might arise with your operating system.  We will diagnose the problem and provide solutions to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.  Support is provided at all levels, from day-to-day administrative functions such as adding users, setting rights, etc., to wiring problems.

Maintenance is available on a contractual basis. Choose from our full annual contract that includes all parts and labor, or our time and materials annual contract. Our maintenance contract is very flexible and we will work with you to meet your requirements.

Network Installation, Integration and Upgrades:
AIM ensures that all equipment and software purchases are fully integrated and properly functioning when turned over to you.  We will configure your computers so they work together, and if they are already working together, we can configure them to work together faster.

Network Performance Evaluation and Diagnostics:
As the amount of people using your computer network increases, the performance decreases.  We monitor usage and data flow, identify problem areas and recommend and install solutions for increased performance. 

Technical Assistance:
Prompt technical assistance can be provided to solve system application, hardware integration, or software development problems.





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