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E-Commerce Solutions:
ShopSite is the easiest-to-use shopping cart software for small to medium-sized businesses. Its intuitive design and management tools get you up in running quickly. Its rich feature set ensures your business won’t outgrow it.

ShopSite allows you to build your online storefront in three flexible ways: OrderAnywhere buttons, ShopSite templates, or custom design templates. You can build store from the ground up, or integrate into an existing website.

Manage your product catalogue, track inventory, and analyze cart and sales statistics in ShopSite’s management tools. Increase sales with ShopSite’s robust merchandizing tools.

  Starter Manager Pro
Store Building Tools
Browser-based Interface x x x
Store Setup Wizard x x x
Basic/Advanced Editing x x x
Context-Sensitive Help x x x
Full Control Over Store Look-and-Feel x x x
15 Product / 5 Page Limit x    
Unrestricted Number of Products and Pages   x x
More Information Pages 5   x x
Search Engine Friendly HTML Pages x x x
Automatic Multiple Page Generation     x
Page Preview   x x
Commerce-Enable Existing Web Sites 5 x x x
Works With Any Web Editing Tools x x x
Store Layout Themes 3, 5 x x x
Flexible Store Templates 3 x x x
Custom Template Upload and Edit   x x
Copy Pages and Products   x x
Custom Page Extensions   x x
Advanced Image Handling   x x
Visual Color Selection Tool x x x
Customize Store Text x x x
Catalog Management Tools
Data Import Wizard (bulk upload)   x x
Products & Pages XML Upload/Download 3     x
PowerEdit   x x
Global PowerEdit     x
Searchable Products Database     x
Searchable Pages Database     x
Media Library Manager x x x
Business Tools
Order Download into QuickBooks (tab-delimited)   x x
Easy Order Printing x x x
Automatic Order Download in XML format 3     x
Searchable Orders Database x x x
Store Statistics x x x
Packing Slips x x x
Inventory Tracking 3     x
Secure Order Management x x x
Security / Reliability / Efficiency
VISA CISP/PABP Compliant x x x
Page and Product Databases in SQL x x x
Written In Fast, Compiled C Code x x x
Orders Stored Encrypted On Server 5 x x x
Order System Tracking 5 x x x
Merchant Security Status Indicator x x x
CVV2 Fraud Protection x x x
Google Checkout, PayPal, & WorldPay Fraud Protection x x x
Verified By Visa for VeriSign x x x
VeriSign Fraud Control x x x
Human Order Validation x x x
Option to not store Credit Card numbers x x x
Does Not Require Cookies x x x
Database Management x x x
Easily Upgradeable x x x
Customer Service Tools
Customer Registration     x
Merchant Notification of Orders x x x
Automatic Customer Receipts x x x
HTML Customer Receipts   x x
Shopping Cart Features
Order Total on First Cart Page x x x
Secure Order Capture x x x
Real-time credit card processing x x x
Minimum Order Value x x x
Shopping Cart Templates   x x
Order Confirmation Page   x x
Optional/Required Address Fields   x x
E-mail Address Validation x x x
Freeze Order Options In Shopping Cart     x
Separate Shipping and Billing Addresses x x x
Ship Only to Billing Address   x x
Custom Checkout Fields     x
Cart Info as JavaScript Variables     x
Merchant Check-out Javascript     x
Mini Cart on Store Pages x x x
Merchandising Tools
Add An Auction ShopSite 8.1 Feature 4 x x x
Customer Reward Program     x
Tell A Friend Links   x x
Gift Certificates 3     x
Customer Registration     x
Digital Coupons     x
Digital Downloads     x
Variable Pricing     x
Opt-In E-Mail Marketing x x x
Flexible Product Placement x x x
Associates Tracking     x
Configurable Store Search 3 x x x
Advanced Product Search     x
Put Products On Sale   x x
Product Quantity Discounts     x
Order Discounts     x
Product Upsell/Cross-sell   x x
Unlimited Product Options x x x
Per-option Pricing   x x
OrderAnywhere x x x
OrderAnywhere by SKU     x
Meta Tag Editing 5 x x x
All Catalog Pages Indexable By Search Engines   x x
Commerce Tools
Dual Currency Support x x x
Configurable Payment Types x x x
Real-time credit card processing x x x
Google Checkout x x x
PayPal Website Payments Pro x x x
PayPal Payment Method x x x
NetBanx Payment Method x x x
PSiGate Payment Method x x x
Authorize.Net eCheck.Net Payment Method x x x
WorldPay Payment Method x x x
YourPay Payment Method x x x
Flexible Shipping and Handling Options x x x
Real-time FedEx Shipping Quotes   x x
Real-time UPS Rates and Services   x x
Real-time UPS Address Validation   x x
Free Shipping   x x
Product and Order Handling Charges   x x
Selectable Surcharges   x x
Flexible Tax Options x x x
ZIP/Postal Code-Based Tax Calculation x x x
Advanced Developer Tools
Page and Product Templates   x x
Shopping Cart Templates   x x
Search Results Templates   x x
Customer Registration Templates     x
Gift Certificate Templates     x
Tell A Friend Templates   x x
Custom Pages     x
Custom Shipping API     x
Order API 5     x
XML Upload/Download API 3     x
XML Order Download API 3     x
Custom Checkout Fields   x x
Client-Side Applications
Order Transfer into QuickBooks x x x


  Setup Monthly
Shopsite Starter Free $12
Shopsite Manager Free $30
Shopsite Pro Free $55



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