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Web 2.0 Strategy:

AIM will help you reassess your current Web 2.0 efforts and prioritize opportunities and initiatives to create maximum impact. Questions we will work with you answer the following: 

  • What are you getting from your online presence?  What could you get in terms of membership, revenue, or influence?
  • How well are you currently meeting your goals and objectives online?
  • Given your goals and objectives, which audiences should be online focus and what are their wants and needs?
  • What unique capabilities/assets of your organization can you leverage for online success? What threats, ideas, or partnership opportunities do competitor initiatives represent?
  • What online trends offer the greatest opportunities to better serve your audiences? Which represent threats?
  • What new, innovative initiatives do the inputs above raise for you? Which are most likely to offer high impact at reasonable investment levels? What is the most efficient development phasing for them?

Detailed Performance Review

By reviewing key metrics such as site traffic, e-mail subscription levels, user satisfaction and usability guideline adherence, we will help you understand how your current internet initiatives have performed to date. This analysis will help guide your future internet initiatives.

Web Site Promotion Services

Once your site is published on the internet, you will want to encourage all the visitor traffic you possibly can. We have prepared a complete set of proven recommendations for our clients to use. 

All these services are backed up by our extensive Web 2.0 consultants. We can provide management consulting at all stages of the planning and development of your internet marketing & sales and other organizational initiatives.

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